Arda Wigs Grace Pumpkin Classic

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Grace is a mid-length 71-73 cm, gentle wave wig. This wig has a half-circle skin top in the front that measures approx 11.5 cm wide and 7.5 cm deep. The center part can be altered to either side with heat from a hair dryer.

– 58 cm cap before stretch
– No bangs
– Repositionable skin part
– Layered
– Heat-resistant up to 215 degrees Celsius
– 150-160 degrees Celsius recommended for styling

Don’t forget your wig cap!

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Arda Wigs stands for high quality, realism and are easy to style.

Arda Wigs are made of the highest quality fibres and all Arda Wigs contain many lanes (of wefts) so that each wig has a full appearance. The high quality fibres in the Arda Wigs also ensure that your wig has a natural effect on photos with flash. This prevents unrealistic or exaggerated light reflection on the flash, which helps to create the most beautiful photos for your project.

The many wefts in the Arda Wigs ensure that your own hair is well covered, so that your own hair colour is not visible through the wig.


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