ColourVue Underworld Selene 14mm Crazy Colored Contact Lenses (1 year)

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Unleash your wild side with the ColourVue Crazy colored contact lenses collection. With ColourVue you are able to create the most amazing eyes for your costume or cosplay. With the eyes you are really able to fully finish your transformation into your character or cosplay.

What separates the ColourVue colored contact lenses from other brands are the patented Hydrogel® materials that are use to make and color the lenses. These materials provide you with the best care and comfort for your eyes while using colored contact lenses.

You can also use the ColourVue Mirror App available on: AndroidiOS

Contains: 2 lenses per package
Not included: Lens case, cleaning solution (sold seperately)
Replacement: Up to 1 year after first use
Various powers: Not available for the Crazy series

See below for more info on how to use.

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1. Wash your hands and make sure they are dry.
2. Remove the lens from the lens case and rinse it clean with the cleaning solution to remove any pollution.
3. When inserting the right eye lens, place the lens on the top of the index finger of your right hand.
4. Make sure the lens on you index finger looks like a bowl with the edges going inward (see image below).
5. Look forward and use the fingers on your other hand to hold the upper right eyelid so you can not blink.
6. Look up and use the middle finger of your right hand to pull your lower eyelid down.
7. Place the lens on the lower white part of your eye.
8. Gently let loose both of your eyelids.
9. Look down and close your eyes for a moment, the lens will automatically position itself.
10. Repeat the above steps for your left eye, but replace the word “right” with left ofcourse.

ColourVue contact lens instructions

ColourVue has devoted it’s passion and dedication to realize their customer’s dream to have the eye colour that blends well with their lifestyle and costume. Up to this day ColourVue colored contact lenses made this possible for millions of customers worldwide.

Beside the widest range of products, many reviewers and users find that the comfort of the ColourVue contact lenses are unmatched. This is achieved through their relentless pursuit for better design, quality and customer experience.


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