Max OptiFresh Lenscare Kit (60 ml)

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Max Optifresh cleaning fluid has been developed by ColourVue to keep your colored contact lenses in the best shape as possible. Taking good care of your contact lenses means they will be more comfortable for you to wear, and so they can be re-used later when stored properly.

– Keeps the lenses free of bacteria and germs
– Removes dirt and proteins from the lenses
– Helps maintain moisture in the lenses which prevents dry eyes

After your are done wearing your contact lenses, fill the Left and Right container in the lenscase to about 3/4th with the Max Optifresh cleaning fluid. Put your left lens in the Left container and the right lens in the Right container and close them firmly. It is best to not switch the left en right eye lenses because of hygene.

ColourVue Lenscase Instructions

Contains: 1x Max Optifresh (60ml cleaning fluid) + 1x lenscase

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