Foam Clay (300 grams)

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Our Foam Clay is really lightweight, can be modeled and sculpted like clay making it perfect for small and big details on EVA foam armors, props and weapons for your cosplay or character. You can basicly use Foam Clay for any kind of creative project. After your Foam Clay creation has been shaped to your desire, just let it dry at room temperature. After the Foam Clay has dries you can even use a wood burning tool to make textures, just like in regular EVA Foam.

You can also use Foam Clay to clean up seems in your EVA Foam builds.

See below for more info on how to use.

Volume: 300 grams

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Foam Clay is probably one of the easiest to use products available in the creative sector, simply pull out a piece of Foam Clay and start sculpting. Need more? Just use more Foam Clay and add it to your existing sculpture, because it sticks to it. If you are finished sculpting just let it dry for a couple of hours at room temperature. You can also add more details after your Foam Clay sculpture has dried. Just make sure to store the left over Foam Clay airtight and out of the sun in the included bag and pot to get the best shelf life.

Please note:
After you are finished with sculpting your Foam Clay creating or detail for your cosplay armor piece or prop, we always recommend to prime the dried Foam Clay before painting it, the fastest and easiest way to do this is with our QuickSpray Primer. After the priming is done you can start painting your Foam Clay sculpture with paint like Amsterdam Acrylic Paint.

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