Resin Color Clear

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Resin Color Clear pigments are transparent color pigments for special transparent effects. The dosage is very low, which makes them very economical to use. Resin Color Clear is available in four colours, namely blue, red, green and yellow. The epoxy colour pigments are ideal for creating multiple layers over your Resin Art, in castings, orgonites or jewelry.

Volume: 10 gr per color

Amount of Epoxy Resin = Amount of Resin Color Clear
50 gr Epoxy Resin = 0,15-0,25 gr Resin Color
100 gr Epoxy Resin = 0.3-0.5 gr Resin Color
500 gr Epoxy Resin = 1.5-2.5 gr Resin Color
1 kg Epoxy Resin = 3.0-5.0 gr Resin Color

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Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Full Set


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