Amsterdam Acrylic Paint – 615 Emerald Green (120ml)

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Amsterdam Acrylic paint is one of the most popular used paints in cosplay and costume painting. This is because Amsterdam Acrylic is a high quality water based paint which is virtually odorless, making it really comfortable to work with.

Furthermore Amsterdam Acrylic paint is available in a wide range of colors, is suitable for various surfaces and easy to dilute with water. So with Amsterdam Acrylic you should always be able to create the perfect paint job for your cosplay or costume. No matter if your cosplay is made out of Worbla, EVA foam, Sintra or fabrics, Amsterdam Acrylic paint one of the best choices in paints.

See below for more info on how to use.

Please note:
When choosing your color, make sure to also check out the opacity or transparancy of that color using the indicator below. From left to right: opaque, semi-opaque, semi-transparent, transparent.

Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Opacity to Transparency

Volume: 120ml

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Before painting your cosplay armor or prop with Amsterdam Acrylic paint, you should always prime the surface first.

  • For cosplay armors or props made out of thermoplastics like Worbla, Thibra or Sintra (also known as Forex) we suggest using PVA Primer, Gesso or QuickSpray Primer (our own brand alternative for Plasti Dip) because thermoplastics stay solid and aren’t flexible anymore when finished. For a super smooth result it is best to have multiple layers of primer and if neccessary sanding between the layers, you can keep doing this to your liking.
  • For cosplay armors or props made out of EVA Foam we suggest using QuickSpray Primer (our own brand alternative for Plasti Dip) because EVA Foam stays flexible most of the times when finished and EVA Foam needs to be sealed. QuickSpray Primer seals the EVA Foam and primes it in one go, while also staying flexible when dried. The perfect match for EVA Foam cosplay armors and props.
  • For cosplay or costume pieces made of fabric. There is no primer needed, you can directly paint on the fabric with a brush or sponge. Please note: Amsterdam Acrylic is not a dye, but a paint.

When the priming is done you can start painting with brushes and/or sponges depending on which way of painting you prefer. Multiple layers of paint can be needed, depending on the coverage degree of the Amsterdam Acrylic paint and the result you like to accomplish. If you are new to cosplay painting or in need of a more detailed explanation, we highly recommend the tutorial books of Kamui Cosplay about cosplay painting.

After you made your paint job perfect, a wise thing to do is sealing your paint job to make sure it lasts and stays perfect longer. For this you can use one of our sealers depending if you want a matte finish, or a shiny car paint kind of look.

Amsterdam Acrylic Paints is one of the most popular brands for acrylic paints from the Royal Talens company in The Netherlands. Royal Talens has been in the paint producing business since 1899 and is one of the market leaders to date in paints for artists. Their first acrylic paint went to market in the 1970s and has always stayed on the market, marking it’s succes amongst the people. Nowadays there is a huge availablity in colors and variations of Amsterdam Acrylic Paints worldwide.


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