PVA Primer

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PVA Primer is an easy to use water based primer which also helps with smoothing out surfaces like Worbla before you start painting. Simply apply apply multiple layers with a paintbrush to your cosplay armor or prop and dilute the PVA Primer with water if needed to get a smoother finish. Make sure to let each layer dry (approx. 10 minutes) before applying a new layer of PVA Primer. After priming you can start painting with paints like Amsterdam Acrylic Paint.

When priming EVA foam with PVA Primer, make sure you always heatseal your EVA foam first. Also note that PVA Primer dries in a pretty solid state, meaning it is less suitable for the more flexible armor parts and props for your cosplay or costume.

If you are seeing brush strokes after you are finished priming, you can sand these away or apply an extra finishing layer of PVA Primer with a damp finger.

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