Kamui Cosplay – Getting started with Cosplay – A Beginner’s Guide

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If you are new to cosplay and don’t know where to start, this is the tutorial book for you!

This tutorial book made by Kamui Cosplay contains 48 pages with over 140 pictures and is filled with everything you should know about:

  • How to pick a character
  • Get basic materials and tools
  • Searching for tutorials
  • Working with a limited budget
  • Working with a thight schedule
  • Organizing your crafting corner
  • Share your work online
  • Staying motivated

And of course a lot of detailed pictures, tips and examples from Kamui Cosplay’s amazing own builds.

See below for preview video and more info.

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Getting started with Cosplay – A Beginner’s Guide is filled with easy step-by-step guides, tutorials and explanations about everything regarding:

  • Introduction to cosplay
  • Most basic tools and materials
  • Cosplay is for everybody
  • Finding references and motivation
  • Your first tools and materials
  • Working with a budget
  • Organize your workshop
  • Time management
  • Handling social media
  • Dealing with criticism

Also, the following cosplay costumes made by Kamui Cosplay will be highlighted in this book:

  • Trainer – Pokemon Go
  • Wizard – Diablo 3
  • Iden Versio – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Kamui Cosplay is a German cosplayer who is also one of the most known cosplayers in the world. Besides all of her amazing cosplay builds, she is mostly known for sharing her crafting skills through her books, patterns and video tutorials. With over 15 years of experience she has a lot of knowledge to share to help others getting started or advancing their costume building skills. The reason why her books are the most popular tutorial books in cosplay is because of the step-by-step approach and detailed pictures. Her books don’t only contain tutorials about how you can create cosplays, but they are also filled with usefull tips regarding material use, transporting your creations and protecting you from the most common beginners errors.

In short Kamui Cosplay’s tutorial books will encourage you to get started or upgrade your cosplay building skills while also saving you a lot of frustrations and time.


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