Alginate Bodycasting

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Alginate is a 100% natural dried seaweed powder that is primarily used to copy bodyparts quickly and easily. Our Alginate is easy to use, cures within 5 to 10 minutes and because of the smooth texture it copies the smallest details. Our Alginate biodegradable making it completely harmless to the environment, after use you can simply toss it into the green bin.

Mixing ratio based on weight in grams
– For pouring liquid 4:1 (water : alginate)
– For spatuling paste 3:1 (water : alginate)

See below for more info on how to use.

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When working with our Alginate you will notice that it will change in color depending on the state of the Alginate. The powder is white and will turn bright pink when mixed with water, this indicates that the Alginate is ready to use. When Alginate starts to set the pink will start fading and will turn back to white when it is fully set. While curing, make sure to hold the Alginate cast as steady as possible for the best results.

Please note:
The mixing ratio is based on weight not volume, for example 400 grams water is mixed with 100 grams Alginate with the 4:1 mixing ratio.

When mixing make sure to mix the Alginate into a smooth substance with little to no lumps. Also when casting make sure that air bubbles can make their way upward out of the mixture when curing. You can release the air bubbles by moving your body part a little bit in the beginning when the Alginate is still fully liquid, when it starts curing don’t move the body part anymore.

For face, head, buste or belly castings use the ratio 3:1. Apply the Alginate quickly and press cottons into the freshly applied still liquid Alginate. This will help with the attachment of the Alginate to the support hull made out of plaster bandages.

When fully cured the Alginate mold is ready and can be filled with plaster, concrete, wax or many other casting compounds. The Alginate mold can only be used once and has a life span of a number of hours.



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