About Minque



How awesome that you would like to know more about us! We are Danny and Debby. Together we are the team behind Minque and we are really excited to help you with all your creative projects.

We have been active in the world of cosplay for quite some time now. Thanks to our own curiousity we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in building stuff. And we are happy to share all this knowledge to make the creative world of cosplay accessible for everyone.

With Minque we are able to contribute in more ways than just knowledge to the creative community.

Also check out our amazing Cosplayers and Partners!


Minque is an ambitious family company born out of the love for cosplay and theatre. Our goal is to enrich the creative industry with quality goods and make these more accessible for everyone.

Good service, reliability and encouraging creativity are our top priorities.

That is why it is our mission to improve ourselfs every day. We do this by continiously developing, testing and improving our assortment of products and services.

By doing this we are able to guarantee our position as one of the leading suppliers in the cosplay and creative industry.


Besides a webshop filled with products, information and tutorials. You can also find us throughout the year at various big events in Europe. Here we will showcase our products and help cosplayers and other creationists with all their questions.

By doing so we will out putting in all of our effort to be the one-stop-shop for your creative wishes. All this to make sure that you don’t have to worry, but enjoy your hobby as much as you can.

It doesn’t matter if you are building a costume or an entire theatrical decor. We are ready to help you out, the only limit is your own imagination.